Development History

The company was founded in 1992 and registered in Qingdao City


Establishing a branch in Dubai,

Carry out clothing and handicraft trade


Establish the STMEER clothing brand; Exported to domestic, Middle East, and African markets;


Investing in the establishment of a clothing industry park in the West Coast New Area of Qingdao


Clothing products entering the European market; Collaborate with C&A, H&M


Entering the US market with clothing products and collaborating with PEI, HAGGAR, and Macy;


Establish a support industrial park for Shengmeier fiber in the Qingdao West Coast Export Processing Zone, focusing on air flow spinning;


Reception of Li Qun, Secretary of the Qingdao Municipal Party Committee, for inspection;


Integrate the cotton textile industry chain to become an innovative, research and development oriented, and resource integration oriented service-oriented enterprise.

Establishing production bases in Xinjiang, Ningxia, Hebei and other regions, conducting differentiated production with the Qingdao base, meeting customer needs, and continuously increasing sales volume.


Designate Vietnamese factories to import raw cotton,

Customized spinning of the yarn required by our company,

Our company imports yarn and sells it domestically and internationally


Cooperate with Shandong Home Textile Mill,

The factory has 11 semi-automatic production lines,

Our monthly production capacity is over 500 tons, and our company has placed an order for customized spinning


Collaborating with spinning factories in Hebei region, the factory has 14 automatic production lines of Ruitulida R66,

14 semi-automatic production lines with a monthly production capacity of around 1500 tons. Our company has placed an order for spinning


Collaborating with a factory in Xinjiang, which has 56 automated production lines,

Our company has placed an order for customized spinning with a monthly production of 2400 tons


In October 2023, we will invest in the construction of a raw material production base in southern Xinjiang,

The complete set of equipment for producing raw materials is STMEERR's independent brand,

Standardize and maintain the stability of raw materials. The designed annual production capacity is 10-20000 tons.