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In 2009, St. Meer invested 70 million yuan to constructed a R & D center building of 16,000 square meters, purchased world’s advanced spinning equipment and fabrics and trims research and development equipment, brought in advanced clothing intelligent design system, to build a worldwide multi-faceted research and development center to carry out technical exchanges and cooperation platform with R & D institutions at home and abroad, domestic universities and domestic fabrics and accessories manufacturing suppliers. The layout of the entire engineering and technology center made the core design idea of “to integrate the advantages of resources to quickly meet customer needs”, made research, design, display, processing, marketing, e-commerce, fashion informations collection and processing as a whole, through the integration of textiles and garment industry chain advantageous resources, construction, build a highly open service platform, combining production, learning, research, to improve the textile and apparel technology development and collaborative product development capabilities, and customer collaboration to promote research and development of new products, to form product development integration, rapid response mechanism, and provide efficient one-stop service .


Trade Center brings together a variety of fashion information of clothing culture, through efficient information processing to analysis and capture customer needs, formed a professional place which involves costume design, creative design, apparel display, garment information aggregation, clothing and cultural studies, clothing trade, and other functions, so that we can quickly access customers demand, and get abundant customer resources.


Fabrics and accessories research and development center purchased advanced equipments, using the new materials, new weaving techniques and new structural design, taking advantages of intelligent textile and fabric design, development, testing instruments and equipment development, analysis, test, proof, small batch samples of fabric and accessories.


Bringing in advanced garment intelligent design system: WebPDM technology and "three-dimensional virtual fitting " which have changed the traditional industry sales and design patterns,and established a virtual network without a domain, unbounded and open three-dimensional design platform, in which the customer needs can be exchanged, the designer can put up the design of their own or to collect product information. Designed samples for trial development and small batch production, including pattern making, samples, process, nesting, small trial manufacture workshop


Integrated supply chain Through the introduction of the advanced information technology such as the Aegwynn supply chain management information systems (Netgarment), the Iwork apparel production management system, OA office automation systems,and the construction of the engine room of modern information technology, the company is building a modern information platform to support company business management to accelerate the reaction rate on the market and customer demand, manufacturers, raw materials suppliers in the same interface for network communication, real-time control of production, raw material progress, from time to time to understand the various needs. Promote the integration of resources between different business chains and optimize the configuration, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises.


St Meer plans to build a logistics center to provide all parts of the logistics services for other companies. The supplier of providing logistics services generally include the transportation, storage management, distribution, etc., but not only to provide customers with warehousing, distribution and logistics services.
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