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In 1992, China's reform ushered in a new spring. The chief architect Deng Xiaoping's southern tour in which inspected Wu chang, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Shanghai, and published the famous "southern tour speech", put forward China's economic development model from the planned economy to a market economy. This change encouraged private economic development. China's private clothing economic boarded the stage of history and has gone through three major stages of development. St. Meer's course of development is accompanied by the private clothing history and gradually grew up, the company founder Ms Sun Ning, and the Board grasped the development pulse of the times and keep pace with the times, maintained the steady and health development of the corporation.

Start-up stage

Ms Sun Ning, founded St. Meer in 1992, from then to 1999, St. Meer engaged in domestic womens fashion garments business, from design, procurement, production to sales,which obtained a rapid development, and the corporation gained prominence in womens market in Shandong province, and the annual sales amounted to more than 10 million, completed the primitive accumulation of wealth.

Stage of development

During 1999 - 2008, St. Meer chose the way of internationalization, shift from domestic business to foreign trade, and according to market differentiation strategy, emerging markets, Middle East and African markets came to be the companys main business markets. This is the period of vigorous development for St. Meer Group, which started four overseas branches, establishing garment manufacturing industrial park in Qingdao, now the annual capacity of production output and sales quantity reach 16 million.

Boom stage

After 2008, the domestic cost rises rapidly, China promote industrial upgrading; meanwhile, the global economy suffered financial turmoil, on the markets, customers demands are more and more emphasis on fast fashion, individuality innovation. This stage is the in-depth development stage of technological transformation of the clothing industry upgrading and industrial chain integration of resources. St. Meers board of directors deeply felt not only the industry crisis, but also felt the new development opportunities, so came the decision of transition: from the traditional cost-oriented manufacturing enterprise to service-oriented corporate of quickly meet customer’s demand, companys developing vision is to become resource integrators in textiles and garments industry to provide customers professional services, and management service providers in industry value chain.

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