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East African Region(Tanzania)

Tanzania Branch was established in 1999, major business in men’s woven formal trousers, mens woven casual pants, mens woven shirts, childrens trousers, blankets and jackets. After nearly a decade of continuous development, Tanzania Branch has seized the East African market, with highest local market share reaching up to about 40%. Tanzania Branch has a huge customer base and good reputation in the local market, always maintain a leading edge in the peer competition, with inputing over a hundred kinds of new products to the market each year.

The Middle East Region(Dubai)

The Dubai office was established in 1998. Dubai is the second largest emirate of the UAE, known as the United Arab Emirates’ "the capital of trade", and it is also entrepot trade center of the entire Middle East region. Dubai Office located in Mushid Bazar, next to the famous tourist attractions Gold Street. Dubai branch with more than a decade business, major in men’s trousers, mens casual pants, mens shirts, childrens trousers & shirts. Customers come from Sudan, Kenya, Somalia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and other Middle East and North African countries, and products widely sold in these markets. Meanwhile, Dubai office is also St. Meer Group Information Center in Middle East and North Africa region,

North African Region(Sudan)

Sudan branch was established in April, 2008 in Khartoum, Sudan, major business in truck tires, as well as Steyr, F2000, Yutong Bus series and Weichai Power accessories. Sudan Branch is the purchasing general agent in China for Sudan SCPP, and we are also the after-sale service stations of Weichai Power in Sudan, annual turnover $ 16 million, customers belongs to every short-haul and long-distance transport industry.

East African Region (Uganda)

Uganda branch was founded in 2010, major in mens trousers, mens casual pants, mens shirts, childrens trousers&shirts. And relying on the advanced management experience in Tanzania, the company successfully copied the business model of Tanzania, and started a good beginning of the year proceeds in the same year of establishment. At present, the good momentum of development in Uganda, and a steady increase in port’s cargo throughput is expected to achieve new breakthroughs in the next few years.
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